Saturday, November 15, 2008

Hows My Driving?

Im sure all of you have misplaced something at numerous times in your life. Your keys, your wallet, your phone, the remote, etc. Thats understandable, even the most organized people lose something small occasionally, so dont worry about it. However, if you have ever misplaced something rather larger and harder to lose than your keys, such as your car or your giant fan, we'll that takes talent(or lack there of?). These accidents will leave you saying, "Well now how the HELL did that get there?"

So thats where I parked...

"Surprise" is exactly the word I was looking for.

Probly just a joke, to lazy to check the source.

Wait, what?

I know the british have tiny cars, but I think they overestimate their abilities sometimes...

We said "12ft 3in"! NOT "12ft 3in oh ok just a little bit more."!

Love is in the air...

Oh sorry, is this a bad time? I'll just go to the store later...

I dont know how people drive where you come from sir, but here the carpool lane is not in the center.

Its hard to conduct a high speed chase when the cement is still drying

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