Friday, November 14, 2008

Stalling For Time - The writings on the stall

Thats right, im doing an entire entry on bathroom graffiti. In highschool I would wander out of my Study Skills class nearly every day and into the A-Building girls bathroom to answer texts and read the new graffiti. I have a theory that the reason that the graffiti in that bathroom was the best in the school is because 1) girls like to write on stuff & 2) the bathroom was right next to the special education classrooms, where everybody is angsty and has plenty to say. Restroom graffiti artists, thanks for making me laugh/think/stare confusedly and momentarily forget how gross public restrooms are!
Behold the montage!

Umm, go Doug?
Why is "the" underlined?


This one made me burst out laughing and lose my balance off the arm of my chair!

Military bathroom

Military bathroom

Military bathroom

Military bathroom

Thats right, another military bathroom.

Another one

In Philly. Im confused. (maybe they are too?)

"I feel more alone the older I get. It's like the world doesn't believe in loyalty anymore." Its true =(


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