Saturday, November 15, 2008

Right Back Statue - Picture perfect, statue stupid.

One thing about art is obvious. Its objective, and not everybody has the same taste. What is not always obvious is what on earth was going through the artists head while they were creating! Here are some statues that made me say, "What the hell?"

"Come on Henry, lets take our wedding photo in front of this giant iguana!"

"Get down from there grandpa, your drunk."

Contrary to popular belief, the Headless Horseman does not ride to his day job. Also contrary to popular belief, he IS a party person. Those headless hangovers are BRUTAL!


Professor Lupin was dreadfully tired. All he wanted to do was sleep, but he knew he had to get onto platform 9 3/4 and board the Hogwarts express... But he didnt quite make it.

Hey, the Hulk family has to go somewhere on their vacation.

Kid: Mom, Timmy put that cone back on his head.
Mother: Hush, can't you see mommys talking to somebody?
Kid: But mommy he's by the water!
Mother: Shhh!
Kid: Mommy, I dont think Timmy took enough swimming lessons.
Mother: Thats nice honey, be quiet.

"Lets not move next to the docks where the shark poachers are, I said. "I Like to see the sharks lifted off the boats with those cranes! Wouldnt it be funny if one fell?" you said. Yeah Carl, this is HILARIOUS."

Just your run of the mill local park inter species couple statue.

Wife: Charles, are you sure you want to donate this to the museum?
Husband: Yes, their going to put it out front with a plaque with my name on it.
Wife: But doesnt it.... remind you of something....?
Husband: Oh? What should it remind me of?
Wife: Think, Charles... Something you've seen before...?
Husband: Hmm, nope, dont recall. My memory doesnt go back that far.

A monument to homeless dementors everywhere?

What are we in line for again?

"Did I just hear your father? Ohh, this could be awkward..."

"I know its cold out and I appreciate your help, but we're in PUBLIC! And im trying to read..."

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