Friday, August 21, 2009

It's all in the name?

Have you ever seen a product with a name that made you go "what the hell?"? I find that the best place to locate such products are any isle of any Asian store. Lost in translation or just plain bad decisions?


A popular soda from Ghana

A diet cando from the 80's. Yes, that is pronounced "AIDS". Oops!

Chips from Finland. "megapussi", which means "mega bag", is not actually the product name.

A bug repellent from Australia, ironicly used by the armed forces.

A drink from New Zealand

Dinner rolls. The odd thing about this one is that "jussi" does not mean anything, but it is a quite popular Finnish masculine name. I looked up the meaning of the name "Jussi" and found only that it is a Finnish version of "John". There are at least 11 Finnish versions of "John", and seeing as the name "John" means "the lord is gracious", I think that can be ruled out as the meaning of "jussi". Therefor, this is an example of a BAD DECISION.

"Can I get some Jussipussi to go with my cock soup please??"

The other flavors are chocolate, strawberry, and melon.


A product im sure everybody as seen, as it is sold all over the place.

Award for the most unfortunate bread name?

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Hobo Humor part 2!

More funny hobo signs!

Just after rumors of lohan being pregnant)

Translation :

"We, at least, are honest
- For spliff and sweets
- For wine and beer
- For cigarettes"

An Epic Adventure

The awesome journey of two guys who wandered around Moscow in costume as Pacman and Jellyfish, purely for the sake of exploration (and possibly shock value).

Baffling Books

A collection of books with odd titles and topics. Just goes to show anybody can write a book. No conventional ideas? No problem!


Omg, I want this book! Seriously, i'd read that O_o

In this book you'll find the original story of Pride And Prejudice by Jane Austen, plus bone crunching zombie action.

No, that is not a typo, and the content is as advertised.

This one is titled "Fuckin' Concrete Contemporary Abstract Algebra Introduction"...

"If you have ever wondered what action to take to keep clear of a fast moving ship, this book will remove the doubt."

This book is meant to teach children to recognize animals by their butts, before turning the page to see the whole animal. We arent making children smarter with all these "educational" shows, computer games, movies, toys, and books... we're just making them weirder!

A book of Italian gestures, the phrases and words they represent, and the English translations.

Now here's a creepy one. "
Thirteen weeks of challenging and inspiring readings encourage young people to apply the power of their faith and value in Christ to the issues facing them at school, at work, with friends and family."

I must read this book!


Including chapters such as "How To Eat With Your Pussy", "Nursing a Sick Pussy" and of course "Exercising Your Pussy" (seriously)