Thursday, June 17, 2010

So saith the venn diagram!

24 amusing venn diagrams

Perfect graphic



Haha, awesome.

I suppose so, but where the heck did that come from??

Uh oh...


Haha, yay larry the cucumber

Can I borrow that when it's done?

Sunday, June 13, 2010

The truth about cops.

For as long as we've had police we've also had delusions about their customs and pass times. I mean really, peace bringing doughnut whores? Please! That's what they want us to think. Luckily for all of you out there still suffering from these misconceptions, I have uncovered the true story* for your benefit. Don't you feel lucky?

*Although this is a real book, the words are NOT the original text. It is meant to be amusing, so take it as entertainment and please don't go getting all butt hurt over fake books or slandering the name of police officers or other such garbage.

Kids draw the darnedest things...

I remember when I was little, my mom and dad would tell me that every drawing I did was wonderful. I knew even as a little kid that they felt like they had to say that because they were my parents, and come to think of it that is pretty much how it works. Now that im older and rather more artistically developed, I have to wonder how my parents would have reacted if I had drawn something morbid or graphic or inappropriate or unusual and come looking for approval. Im sure they would have been quite alarmed or confused, much like the parents of these young artist probably were. Here is some artwork done by kids, ranging from hilarious to just plain dark.

"The crush" huh? Still at the cooties age I guess

Somebody stuck in an elevator?

Somebody forget their anniversary

Rofllll. According to one person (out of many who have posted this picture), the kids mom worked at home depot and was supposed to be selling a shovel, but im not sure im willing to fall for that one.

Actually that means she's winning.

Look ma, I shit a ghost!
Or is it pacman nightmares?

Aw, our future generation of star trek junkies are growing up so fast

Japan stakes its claim on unhappy floating shit! That's right, it's taken already

I know why they're all so happy! Pass that joint, smiley

Vanessa, age 4, drew a lovely picture of a spoon with a Cheerio in it. That's right, a spoon with a Cheerio. I hope she didn't ask her parents to guess what it was...

This one was done by an 8 year old. Yes, EIGHT (is it just me or is that a little pathetic for 8?)
"Look mommy, I drew that white stuff daddy always sniffs off the coffee table!"
Just wait, tomorrow it'll be a hooker

By Johnny, age 5.
My what big "scissors" you have...

Uh oh, Santa will be jealous.
"Can we put it on the fridge mom??"

yay "snack" eyes!

Oh dear...

Ah the Family Feud X, signifying that daddy got the answer wrong and now is therefor either deceased or in grave danger. Normally one gets 3 wrong answers, but evidently it all depends on what number you pick in spouse roulette.
Whoa there lady, that dress is a little slutty for a family portrait, don't you think? Not very appropriate for mourning either

I spy 2 dicks, a baguette and an unusual growth.

Me too but I don't grab my sward and take it out on innocent trees. Shame on you.


Hey, at least he has goals.

Shhhh, try to pass it off as a swing

Geez kid, easy on the leopards!