Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Dont Take It Personal

Personal ads that made me giggle, enjoy!

Thats what you get for going to a bar called "Tiki Bobs".
I want to see the rest of the ad above it O_o

Im told this translates as "You who came home with me on Friday. Not only took my virginity, but also my key to the laundry room. Why? Unnecessary. This relationship lacks communication. /D"

"Young Desperate Man seeks good-looking, intelligent girl with the right shapes. Will also consider an experienced woman. A mature older woman will also do, and in the worst case even a guy. Answer to "Dinner for two?""


Wedding announcements. These always make me wonder how stupid these people must be not to realize how the announcements will look!

Lol, thats one way to announce a wedding...

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