Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Real in Russia

Behold, the ultra strange Russian playground art montage!

Playground in Russia. Seriously.

LMAO, Teletubby Cosmonaut? Also from a russian playground

Again with the playground, apparently the grafiti is nothing nice...

(playground) Dancing bear and angry asian sword bearing ninja man. The wall in the background says "danger zone". lol

(playground) "Hypodermic needles are fun, kids!" Damn thats freaky

(playground) "Play now or DIE!" *insert evil laugh here*

Holy shit, Sasquatch is impoersonating a nurse and appears to have kidnapped a rightfully terrified rabbit!

"Headless statues decorate this playground for children. I am sure equally creepy stone heads decorate the bedrooms of some local teenagers."

To remind the children of the happy "white room days"....

Fuck yes, I want it.

*rolls on the floor in fits of giggles* This one caught me completely off gaurd for some reason!

Dear in the hearts of many children is this fat topless man being strangled by a tree...

LMAO, caught in the act....

Wow, thats cheerfull... I like how alot of the paint seems to have worn off her chest... lol

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Anonymous said...

Алё-малё, Фуфломёт Фуфлогоныч!.. Хуль ты тут болты с левой резьбой вкручиваешь, восьмерило позорное?! Прокладка ты амерская, ё-на-на!..