Thursday, July 30, 2009

Failure Is Fantastic!

Sometimes failure can be a good thing, especially when its making as laugh, or just stare confusedly.

If you care about your lawn enough to bike-mow it, why park on it???

Lolll! "What were you helping me do again? Right! Working on my memory. Hey... I remembered!"

Just try not to get crumbs in the bed

Well damn, shouldnt you have a black SUV with heavily tinted windows or something then?


The truck next to it failed too

Slut only $6.25? And what an odd assortment of things to order to a hotel room O_o Wheres the chocolate syrup and whe whipped cream?


Say what now?

I've always said some people shouldnt have kids

LMAO! "Earthquaaake! Quick, stand by a window!"

...good to know?

Lolll, priceless. Not only is the ad on the wrong side of the window, apparently they think ppl need a picture of the car, reguardless of the fact that its on the car itself


Ohh damn, lol, that sucks

Wow... that cant have been an accident

Japan, the fail capital of the world

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