Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Picture Perfect, Statue Stupid. #2!

The world can never have to many weird statues! Did some extra searching and found a few I missed the first time around, enjoy!

Not even Superman gets it right every time... (Berlin, Germany)

Ok.... Remember me mentioning that art is objective??? Perfect example.

EdVenture Children's Museum. Apparently you can climb up inside it

NYC... Next time somebody tells me Californians are weirder than New Yorkers I have a visual argument.

On a road somewhere between Seattle and Boston the Jolly Green Giant surveys the land with a broad creepy smile...

Yo can I get one of those for my yard? Lmao

"Your looking for the brothel? It's right over there, the one with all the shady looking characters... Ya cant miss it." (no, its not really a brothel)

Where is that little girl looking?? jk

Man, can somebody please tell the Jolly Green Giant to stop leaving his stuff all over town? His shoe in the park was bad enough, but this is just getting silly...

Am I mistaken or is the one on the left a man? O_o Either way im confused.

Ok thats 2 over sized thumb statues now... I think im out of the loop on new trends in art???

Is it just me or does that look like a large elephant shaped building in the middle of the ghetto?

I became twice as confused when I noticed what appears to be airport baggage carts in the foreground... I have no clue where this is.


Lmao, hell yeah!

Ok, what the hell am I even looking at here?

Wow, little graphic there. Supposedly this is outside wall street, in memory of the 2008 stock market crash.

Random but I like it


No idea what so ever, where, why, or scale.

Chubby depressed woman fountain??

Change purse statue... Is somebody out there just fuckin with the poor ppl now?

Certainly a creative idea for a mailbox...

What the... are they serious with this???

By far one of the dumbest ones i've seen, and thats saying something!

Loll. Melbourne, Australia

Whoa, what the hell? Trafalgar Square, London, England

"Try not to fall over the naked woman sunk into the ground on your way out!" idk.

One of the less family oriented statues...



Car out of beer cans, props for recycling?

'Big Baby', done by Nina Levy (obviously a disturbed woman...), in a park. Not sure where

Man, you could not pay me to sit near that thing, let alone on it. (Shawn insists that I add "thats what she said!". *sighs* Mind out of the gutter Shawny, come on now.)

'Happy' in Chattanooga, Tennessee.

Gah, help! (somewhere in Russia)

San Jose, Costa Rica.

The SLC, Utah. You tell me.

Stockholm, Sweden. Whats with all the manhole lurkers?

Bologna, Italy. Not a rare sight there either!

Traviso, Italy. See previous comment, lol

Fuck yes, dog morphing into a banana?? Thats my guess anyway. I want this one, lol

Oh god, need I say it? Watership Down. This brought me horrific flashbacks to my childhood. I was stupidly allowed to watch the movie as a small child with a pet rabbit. The trauma brought on by that film was severe and long lasting, and to this day images from it and the extensive nightmares that followed are still burned in to my brain. A more recent severe trauma made seeing this 10x more horrible.
This piece was apparently up on ebay for a while. I don't doubt that it sold.

Men. It always ends with a pissing contest.

Where the hell was the artist even going with this, and did he die before he finished or something?? titled 'The Big Giving'....

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Reverted said...

The "Huh????" sculpture is in Seattle, WA, under a bridge. It's the Fremont Troll.