Friday, July 24, 2009

Piculiar Poodles - Canine Or Canvas?

Out of all the dog breeds, I think i'd argue for poodles being the breed of the most possibilities when it comes to grooming. I coulnt bring myself to do this to a dog, especially not my own mini poodle, but some poodle owners seem to think their dogs dignity is a small price to pay. Many of these are the same dog, a standard poodle named Cindy. Her owner swears she enjoys these shows, and honestly, knowing poodles and dogs in general, im sure she really does. Brace yourself....

Teenage Mutant Ninja.... Poodle?

Love the lavender poodle fro


Looks like she did that drunk if you ask me...

Ok that i might do, but id probly go punk/goth with it

*Giggles* Fuckyeah....

This woman has a problem...

Thats different....


Lmao, look at the nest

Omg i love it, lol

Somebody has a peacock fetish

(Not a poodle)

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