Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Mad Modifications

I think we can all agree that people do some interesting things to their bodies. Wether for personal preference or cultural conformity, I cant say I understand all of it, but it sure is fascinating!

Scarification. To much pain for my liking, but one of the body mods I can understand getting.

Foot Binding. An ancient practice of some Chinese, banned (but still sometimes practiced) 1,000 years after origination. Effing insane.

Thats repulsive as hell, but I guess everybody needs a hobby...

I adore tattoos, but my personal preference stops far short of full body stripes.

Transdermal implants. Im torn on this subject, as on one hand I find this particular kind very unapplealing, but on the other hand, I've seen ones that are quite cool.


World famous Cathie Jung has (a death wish) gradually bound her waist down to an astonishing 15 inches. She does not seem to mind that binding is not only very unattractive, but very unhealthy.

Eyeball tattooing. This man evidently got tired of hearing about the "whites" of his eyes... so he had them turned blue.

"My life ambition of having a hole in my leg has been acheived! ...Now what?"
Whats with the filthy towel?

"Things that look dumb as hell for $500, Bob"

Ronald McDonald got angsty.


Lip plates. A cultural practice in Ethiopia by the women of the Mursi. These plates are made out of clay or wood, and crafted by the women who wear them. The meaning behind them is desputed, but the most popular claim is that the size of the plate indicated the size of the womans dowry. I have found, however, that this claim has been denied by a number of people who have lived with and studied these tribes and their culture.

Neck coils. This is a practice by the Kayan women (from 5yo onward) of Mayanmar, nicknamed "Giraffe Women." The longer the neck, the more beautiful the woman is considered.

Skull binding. Yikes!

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