Sunday, August 9, 2009

Stalling For Time- The writing's on the stall 2!

Ah, graffiti, one of my favorite subjects. graffiti. The variety of things people feel the need to scrawl on walls, in this case specifically bathroom walls, simply baffles me. Why? Because so often makes me stop and say "huh??". Those what the heck? and LOL! kind of moments are the little things that make my world go round. Some of the most random and interesting text graffiti can be found in bathrroms, therefor it deserves a category all of its own.

I recently found this picture by accident, and of course it prompted a second installment of Stalling For Time =)

LOLL, its true though.


Thiman building, UCSC, Santa Cruz, Cali (yay Santa Cruz! I will go there soon damnit.)

Thats right, its bonus picture time! I think I figured out why so much bathroom graffiti makes little sense!

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