Saturday, August 1, 2009

Phony Photos

Funny photoshop mistakes!

Lolll, i like how the before pictures is the badly photoshopped one

Yeah right, she wishes she were that skinny!

"Um, is our model having a stroke?"
"No, she's half stoned, now get me my pills."

Lol! Whole grain cereal, turning people white for over 50 years! It's like the airheads commercial where the indian kid magically turns into a white kid...

Sports Illustrated effed up, lol

Stop examining the blur, guys, shes missing half a finger.

Ouch o_O

It's the new trend... sunglasses that go into your ears! (is it just me or is that one of the most unattractive models EVER???)

"Spider-Man, Spider-Man ♫
Does whatever a spider can ♪
Has no bones ♫
In his arms ♪
That's cos he is made of lard ♫♫"

Lets play human mix and mach! *sings "two of these people are not like the others..." does a dance*

A story in People's Daily bitching about to many pigeons. Has anybody told them that that wouldn't be a problem if they just stopped going crazy with the copy & paste??? You have to be really hard up for stories when you start making up pigeons.


At least the world has 1 honest diet ad

Missed any spots lately?

Riding a bike is so much more comfortable when you just leave out the back half. It feels just like sitting on air!

Can you spot the file folder? Snuf sure did!

One knee seems to have become very curved, while the other is obviously on its way to hide in her boot.

Oh, hold on, i'll just reach right trough the door and hit the lock button... I love how the little girl looks so freaked, lol

What were they even going for here?

Record number of bad modifications in one pic. Nice going, losers!

Wow... Feeling they needed to add in a black guy is one thing, but couldnt they have found someone who looked a little less crazed?

Her friends call her Stumpy

Damnit, Thing! I thought i told you to stay in the purse!

Oh dear...

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