Saturday, June 12, 2010

The Uncomfortable Album

Has anybody else ever found themselves browsing a music store and wondering what the hell some of the artists were thinking when they picked their cover art?? There are some seriously uncomfortable, unattractive and just plain unnecessary album covers floating around out there in case you hadn't noticed. For those of you who've never made it in to a record store like Amoeba or Rasputin (shame on you), the following may come as shock. Here are some examples of not so wall-worthy cover art!

Ha! wishful thinking with that name.

Clothes would have been an excellent call here...

I feel like he should be holding something more... villainish, like beakers of dangerous chemicals or a hairless cat.

That looks suspiciously like a bubble wrap dress...

"The wife took this photo of me in the yard with my good goin out shirt and the new stache, and well, it just screamed sexy cover art!"

The savage petticoat tribe of south africa

Gee I wonder why its only fifty cents

I think this is more of a mood killer than anything... very unromantica.


This could not get much more awkward! He kinda reminds me of Fez...

This is absolutely NOT what I requested!

Is that an oompah loompah on the left? And I think I know the one in the middle

And finally, an album that I actually have heard of and have a copy of, and possibly the most uncomfortable of them all...

Excellent album, but oh the visual horror! I can almost hear my retinas sizzle

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