Thursday, October 9, 2008

Photocrashing - An art or an annoyance?

Have you ever gotten a roll of film developed and found that your pictures didnt turn out quite as expected? Well picture this: You and several of you friends walk into walgreens to pick up the photos you took the week before on your family trip to Hawaii. You open the envelope on the spot, eager to show off the pictures of you and your family standing in front of various landmarks. First picture looks great, as does the second. The third picture looks fine apon first glance, but then something catches your eye. Over your right shoulder, a teenager with a purple mohawk and a less than subtle middle finger appears to be taking a bite out of your grandmother...
Enjoy the montage!

Jake Gyllenhaal is obviously a photocrashing master!

I decided that this was worth adding simply because we are confused by the angry sunburned zombie woman... Sorry lady, but I think its a safe bet that you'd agree that thats not your best picture.

Ah, the classic drunk bite out of a strangers head photocrash.

Possibly one of the best examples of photocrashing EVER!

Is that Gary Coleman in a parka?

Whoa... thats a little scary...

Butt-mugging! Matthew Lillard, you've been outdone!

Is that a real person?? Looks like a wax replica...

I think it's a safe bet that the stuff in the bottle isnt apple juice.


One step back for the 'gangsta' comunity, one big leap forward for random white guys everywhere

"She dances like THAT??? Oh no, what have i done???"

Even accidental photo crashing can be funny! And disturbing...

Whoa, that is a scary kid... And that girls dress? TERRIFYING!

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