Saturday, October 11, 2008

Lets make fun of the church and see what happens! Bring on the locusts!

If your very religious, have no sense of humor, or both, turn back now.

Church signs. Funny, confusing, or sometimes drownright atrocious.

Finally, a cult advertisement that gets right to the point!

Did those bastards really just say "homosexual agenda"? I have a few things id like to say to the sick people who are responsible for that one...

Well damn, if its not on google, it either cant be found or isnt worth knowing. (jk)

True, but its so much better!

Im suspicious about this one (and others). I dont think church sign magnets include dollar and cent signs in the set... :P

Excuse me, did you just say "bucket of joy"?

Their trying to trick us!

Thats just in bad taste.


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